THINX Period Panties Review

By: Aleks Shineleva

As a woman, a real menstruating human, I get my period every month (obviously it varies for all of the ladies), but for me it’s every month. As a climber, a real menstruating human, it’s a real pain in the vagina.

In the past I’ve mainly used a combination of tampons and pads, which still always resulted in some kind of mess of ruined pants, sheets or both. Recently I’ve decided to give a menstrual (Diva) cup a go. It was not an instant spark, but after 4 periods I think I’ve finally got a hang of it. I did however still ran into an issue of those same bloody mess accidents of ruined sheets and pants. I apparently still needed more practice with inserting the cup properly so it does not leak. (it’s possible, I know it is), so I decided to check out THINX period panties as a back up. THINX have had these amazing controversial ads all over the NYC subway trains which exposed the idea (surprise!) that people are uncomfortable with the word PERIOD and anything that has to do with a menstrual cycle. Unless of course the ads are presented to you by a giant corporation and advertise “feminine” products that are filled with all sort’s of unregulated crap, that end up where? In your vag. Lovely.

Who doesn’t want to just wear sexy panties, not fuck around with shoving bleached cotton into one’s twat and not smelling as though a dead rat (and for the record I LOVE RATS) might emerge out of it unexpectedly. I sure as hell want some new alternative for dealing with my periods that make me feel sexy.

Periods are annoying, sometimes painful, messy and inconvenient but also amazingly beautiful. I love my period and I want to feel good about having it regardless of all the other issues.


Photo Courtesy of Thinx

So THINX got a trial. I got my first pair right in time for my monthly visit.
Silky, smooth, not bulky….are you for real? I do not believe this is gonna work. It already seems to good to be true. No way. Diva cup in place, almost in place, (I still sucked at putting it correctly, so half definitely leaked out), panties on, I hopped on my bike and rode to work. 10 hour work day, 2 drinks later, let’s see whats up with it….

After changing my definitely leaky Diva cup, my THINX were dry, my cooch did not smell, and it felt amazing. It definitely absorbed and was holding two tampon’s worth of period blood inside.I’ve continued using the same pair (washing it at night and using it in the morning) combined with my cup throughout my whole cycle. I did not use a single pad or a tampon- AMAZING. No accidents, no messes, NO PROBLEM, no more spending money on “feminine products”

I know as a climber, it will be a little trickier to deal with if you are in the woods or on a big wall, but it’s a great alternative, another method, a new option!


  • Variety of cuts and styles to fit your desire with different absorbability
  • No waste
  • Dry
  • Comfortable
  • Sexy
  • No smell
  • Amazing for heavy flow and light days
  • Great when used on it’s own or in combination with a menstrual cup
  • Did I say sexy?
  • Sleeping in those is pure joy
  • Climbing: Comfortable under a harness, easy to move around in and awesome for all day bouldering sessions and long days on the wall.
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Photo by author


  • Expensive: $24-38/pair (see below for discount code!)
  • After using my undies for 2 cycles, panties seem to be loosing it’s shape and appear stretched out
  • Must hand wash (which is OK with me because there is no more tampon/pad waste, but could be annoying)
  • You definitely want at lest 2-3 pairs to avoid the hassle of washing every night
  • Climbing: Hard if camping with because of the hand washing every night thing and not really practical at this point for multi-day routes on big walls. 
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Photo by author

I think THINX is an amazing thing. Truly. Do I wish it was a bit cheaper? Yes. Do I want to have 7 pairs of it? Yes. Do I think they will only keep improving their design to be perfect? I bet my vagina on it.

I’ve heard Miki Agrawal (the founder) speak about her company, about her employees, and about her period. She is super passionate, the woman is a fire ball. She is a business woman, of course, but she is also someone who wants to make a difference and help all the other women to feel sexier, to be more open, more comfortable and more in love with their periods as well as their bodies. I will drink the fucking Koolaid and rock them panties when I bleed. It is the most epic way to experience my menstrual cycle.

I want everyone to celebrate it instead of feeling ashamed, dirty or some other fucked up negative way that society makes young girls, teenagers and grown ass women feel since the day they are born.

I love my THINX panties and I love my period. Bleed freely and with pride!


For people with periods. Photo courtesy of Thinx.

Use the code FLASHFOXY at checkout to get $5 off! 


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