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Spotlight a badass lady climber through Foxy Fridays!

Flash Foxy is now seeking some badass ladies for our Foxy Friday interviews. Do you like to write? Do you have a she-crusher in your life who inspires and motivates you, on and off the rocks? We are now seeking nominations to be interviewed. Pebble wrestlers, gear heads, ice fiends, alpine goats, sport slayers. Newbs, pros, lifers, part-timers. Doesn’t matter the level or discipline. We’re interested in interviewing them!

Send an email to Sasha (our new Foxy Friday woman) at with “Foxy Friday Nomination” in the subject line, and write us briefly, explaining who you would like to nominate and why. Next you will receive an email back, and depending on what we are looking for at that time, we will go from there.

Send us your gear, wares and snacks to review or feature!
We love trying out gear (especially women-specific gear) and giving honest feedback on what works and doesn’t work for us. We also like calling attention to handmade, locally produced climbing goods whose missions align with ours: go get adventure, make a smaller impact, give back to climbing. If this sounds like something your company is interested in, fill out or Contact Form. 

Check out some past reviews and features HERE.

Share your adventures and climbing insights! 
Just went on an awesome girls trip? Pushing your climbing limits? Have something to say about women in climbing?  Send us your story! We accept all submissions though not all submissions will get published. All submissions must be original works not published elsewhere and when you submit, you are acknowledging that you own full rights to all provided content. Please submit blog post proposals to!

Other ideas? Fill out our Contact Form



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