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Flash Foxy was created to celebrate women climbing with women. I’ve met so many foxy climber babes over the last few years through my local climbing gym, mutual friends and climbing trips and realized how fun and supportive it is to climb with other ladies. While I love our male climbing partners and friends, I noticed that there was a unique dynamic when it was just us… whether at the climbing gym, outdoors or even just hanging out together. We love it!

Flash Foxy is a place where women can come to feel inspired by and connected to lady climbers. We share stories about our thoughts, experiences and adventures as badass women. Check out ways to Get Involved!

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SHELMA  I’m a California native in NYC and I’ve been climbing for about 4 years. When I moved out east, I discovered trad and have been addicted to plugging gear ever since. My loves are trad and sport climbing but I’m learning to appreciate the nuances of bouldering.  

On the daily, I work for an awesome community-based design nonprofit Hester Street Collaborative.


These are the amazing women climbers that I know and have the privilege of climbing with — whether it be more regularly here in NY or on magical adventures elsewhere. You’ll see these badass ladies regularly featured on our Instagram and contributing to the site.

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ALEKS I’m a Russian queen raised with Brooklyn rage. In 2007, my friend Sara introduced me to bouldering and I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Until I grew obsessed w/ getting to the top, which I finally did. The triumph that followed cannot be described. My skin was trashed, butt sore, it was a tiny boulder, but it was beautiful and forever addicting. Hello, I’m Aleks, and I’m an addict. Let’s go shred the gnar, ladies!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.13.21 PMJILL Everyone struggles to understand why I live in NYC (9 years now!). The corporate world funds my adventures with my dear foxes, who don’t blink an eye at my chalk-covered silk dresses or the worn out Miuras clipped to my Celine purse.

Through the past 6 years, I’ve transitioned from a gym rat to bolt-clipping lover and am now beginning to appreciate the thrill of leading trad.

jb_wish_1JOBI I am a native New Yorker, living in Brooklyn. I started climbing steel long before I touched any rock. I realized I was less clumsy in the air.

Right now I’m juggling rigging, a construction company, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and rock climbing. I am looking forward to pushing my Trad game, with the Gunk’s as my training ground and eventually get into big wall and mountaineering.Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.01.30 PM

KELLY I’m southern raised on bouldering and sport, but met the crew in NYC and learned trad in the Gunks. Currently living in Portland, Oregon.

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MEL Originally from Long Island, NY, I spent five years in the Navy and currently live the mobile life in Bishop, California. I’m working on completing my second engineering degree through ASU.  I am mainly attracted to highball bouldering, but I love an epic trad day in the mountains. I have climbed in dozens of places around the country, and I look forward to forever adding to that list.    
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RANA I began rock climbing just over 10 years ago as a freshman at SUNY New Paltz, when a guy friend took me bouldering at the Gunks. After our first session, which included words of ‘encouragement’ from my ever-sensitive guy friend such as “I thought you were strong”, I was hooked.



SASHA I learned to climb around the time I learned to walk, taking trips to Yosemite where my dad would take my mom and I up classics like Munginella & Nutcracker. Climbing isn’t something I found, it has always been there, as much a part of me as my big toe, or tendency to overthink. As a kid it instilled in me an appreciation and need for adventure. As a teenager, it gave me purpose & identity. Now, as an adult(ish), climbing feels like…home.


TAMMY Hello everyone! I currently live in Mammoth Lakes, California. I have been climbing for a little over two years now. I originally started out bouldering, found sport climbing and fell in love with that. Now i’m getting into trad and multipitch routes!

I am in love! I can’t wait to progress and see where this amazing sport takes me in life!


TAYLOR NYC by way of Colorado by way of Richmond, VA.  The most tender place in my heart is for the New River Gorge, but I get fuzzy feelings for Bishop, Rifle, and if we’re all being totally honest, competition climbing.  Trad in the Gunks and I just started seeing each other, it seems to be going well. I do research in a neurophysiology lab at Columbia, and I have a pretty small dog.